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Evaluation Criteria for Outdoor Facilities

The BNB system variant Outdoor Facilities (BNB_AA) applies to all newly developed or redesigned outdoor facilities surrounding a building as well as inner courtyards and gardens. Information on dealing with exceptions and other aspects is described in the document "General preliminary remarks".

The criteria profiles are regularly updated, so there are different versions, which are marked according to the year of publication (e.g. 2016). When a construction project starts, the latest version of the BNB criteria is usually to be used in consultation with the responsible conformity assessment body. For ongoing construction projects, the version valid at the start of the project applies until completion; however, the use of a more recent version for final certification is permissible. The information parameters (FAQ) and calculation tools for the BNB criteria must be considered.


Steckbriefe BNB-AA - V2016

Ökologische Qualität

Ökonomische Qualität

Soziokulturelle Qualität

Technische Qualität



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